Bogura Polytechnic Institute is one of the oldest Government Polytechnic located in Bogura, Bangladesh. It’s a Dream for all students who have passed the SSC or  Equivalent Exam. Almost 1200+ Students are allowed to admit to the Bogura Polytechnic institute (BPI). As students or parents always want to try to study one of the precious Institute for their higher education.

Bogura Polytechnic Institute (BPI) is now one of the top-line Government Polytechnic to study Diploma in Engineering. We will discuss here all about admission and an overview of the Bogura Polytechnic Institute (BPI). Stay tuned with us for more Information About BPI.


Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute(BPI)

Back in 1955 Ford Foundation named the American private Foundation established Bogura Polytechnic Institute. At that time diploma, course duration time was a bit short almost 3 years. But 1977 course duration of Diploma in Engineering has been elongated 1 year. Now all Govt. and private Polytechnic institute has been within that duration of the schedule.

The syllabus is also based on Oklahoma State University, Still Water, USA (according to Wikipedia). The certificate issued by the then Technical Board of Education was “Associated in Engineering” having provision for undergraduate B.S.C courses in the US and also in the UK Its formation and academic course history details go back to the birth of Ahsanullah Engineering College, which is now known as BUET.

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Important Information

  • Institute Name: Bogura Polytechnic Institute, Bogura
  • Principal: Eng. Abu Zahan (Incharge)
  • Village Road: Sherpur Road
  • Post Office: Bogura
  • Union Word: Ward No-12
  • Thana Upazila: Bogura Sadar
  • Establish Date: 17 September 1962
  • Reg. Date: 17 September 1962
  • Class Room: 52
  • Male Student: 3460 (Approximately)
  • Female Student: 850 (Approximately)
  • Total Teacher: 100 (Approximately)
  • Total Staff: 90
  • Male Hostel: 03
  • Female Hostel: 01
  • Campus Area: 20 Acres (8.1 ha)

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Campus

Bogura Polytechnic Institute is one of the biggest Government polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. Around  20 acres of the area had been accelerated with a big playground. We will provide you with some pictures of  Bogura Polytechnic Institute here

Bogura Polytechnic Institute
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Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute

Bogura Polytechnic Institute

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Bogura Polytechnic Institute
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Bogura Polytechnic Institue Courses and Departments

BPI they have a total of 9 departments. Every year almost 1200+ students are admitted to BPI.  Departments are Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer, Power, Refrigeration & air-condition Mining & Mine Survey, Tourism, and Hospitality.  We give all department’s seat details here below.

  • Course Name: Diploma in Engineering
  • Course Duration: 4 Year
  • Total Semester: 8 Semester
  • Department: 9
  • Total Seats: 1200 (+/-)
  • Diploma Courses:
    • Diploma in Civil Engineering
    • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
    • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
    • Diploma in Computer Engineering
    • Diploma in Power Engineering
    • Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Engineering
    • Diploma in Electronics Engineering
    • Diploma in Refrigeration & air-condition Engineering
    • Diploma in Mining & Mine Survey Engineering

Departments and Seats

Departments Name Number of Seats
Civil (CE) 200
Electrical (EL) 200
Mechanical (ME) 200
Electronics (EC) 100
Computer (CME) 100
Power (PE) 100
Refrigeration & air-condition(RAC) 100
Mining & Mine Survey (MME) 100
Tourism and Hospitality 100

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Admission

Every Year students dream to admit Bogura Polytechnic Institute. But there is some process for admission. Every Year After Publish SSC Result Bangladesh Technical Educational Board(BTEB) Authority has published a Diploma in Engineering Admission Circular on their official website. The official website is

Besides, we see last some years BPI admitted students are almost all of them is a great GPA in SSC Exam results. So if you want to admit here in BPI read hard and get used to a great result. after 2015 admission is not in the test it was a result base.

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Admission Eligibility

To Form fill up for Bogura Polytechnic Institute applicant needs to pass the SSC or  Equivalent Exam in the last three academic years, That means applicants have three chances to admit here. The Minimum Requirement for Form fill-up is a 3.50 GPA with 4th subjects out of 5.00 CGPA in the SSC or Equivalent Exam. The applicant needs to get a 3.00+ GPA in Physics, Chamensty, and Math.

After publishing SSC Results when students are filling out the application form that is their high time to get tensed for admission. Every year a lot of students are not able to join here. Because nowadays Bogura Polytechnic Institute is one of the leading top-class Engineering institutes. So that’s, why most of the students chose their top 3 priority is BPI but the seat number of BPI, is only 1200. After Publishing SSC Result.

During the admission process, BPI had got 3 quota systems in its backhand.

Quote name Provided for Percentage (%)
Freedom Fighter Male 15%
Vocational Students  Male 20%
Female only Male 10%

Class Schedule

There are two different shifts at Bogura Polytechnic Institute. 1st shift started at 8 am and finished at 1.15 PM. Besides 2nd shift started at 1.45 PM and finished at 5.30 PM. Every day students attend 1 or more 3-period classes for practicals.

Students Information

We have got a big advantage at Bogura Polytechnic Institute. On their official website, we can find a student’s information who passed the institute any year in BPI. just need to know his/her Roll Number and Registration Number. BPI Official Website:

In BPI almost 3500 (+/-) students are read together in all departments. 72% of them are male students and 28% are female. Normally in this sector of education, we don’t see as many female students at Polytechnic Institute. BPI is different from other polytechnics.

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Teachers List

Compared to other polytechnics BPI has got their back a huge number of experienced teachers. Not only that there are many opportunities for fresh teachers also. Because BPI authority every year implements new part-time teachers also. to get all information You can visit BPI Official Website also.

Name Designation Department Contact
Abu Zahan Principle(Incharge) Civil Departments

Book List

The Booklist will be added soon

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Address

  • Address:
    • Village Road: Sherpur Road
    • Post Office: Bogura
    • Union Word: Ward No-12
    • Thana Upazila: Bogura Sadar

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Facilities

There are many facilities at Bogura Polytechnic Institute. Students have got a big playground for play. 4 total hostels in total. 3 of them for male students and 1 hostel for female students. Also, 70 percent of all students are got a fixed amount of taka for a good result and 100% of female students are got also got that. Also from the world bank, 70% of students of departments Got a big amount of money. Those students who had to go a long way for college authority take steps and they have two good condition bus services also.

About Hostel

There is 4 total Hostel at Bogura Polytechnic Institute. 3 of them were for male students. and other 1 for female students. If any students want to get a seat in the Hostel he/she needs to face a viva for it. if he/she successfully passed the viva then only the seat will be owned for 4 years.


Hostel Name Provided for Number of Seats
North Hostel Male 100
South Hostel Male 100
Pantho Shala Hostel Male 50
Kortoa Hostel Female 50

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Ranking

  • Top rank Institute all over Bangladesh, 2016
  • Top rank Institute all over Bangladesh, 2017
  • Top rank Institute all over Bangladesh, 2018

Bogura Polytechnic Institute Achievements

  • Online all system
  • Top rank Institute all over Bangladesh, 2016
  • Top rank Institute all over Bangladesh, 2017
  • Top rank Institute all over Bangladesh, 2018
  • Oldest Polytechnic In Bangladesh.



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