Chittagong University Admission Circular All Information

Admission Circular Published on 24th May 2022

Start Online Application on 03 July 2022

Application Last Date on 03 July 2022

Application charge – 550 tk

Application From-

Chittagong University Admission Circular 2022 has been published by the official authority of CU on dated 24th May 2022. This circular was published in a press briefing from the authority of Chittagong University (CU). Chittagong University Admission Circular has been published on its own official website.

Chittagong University Admission Circular

Chittagong University is one of the most popular universities among the all public university in Bangladesh. In Ranking wise this university got 8th in all over Bangladesh and 2762 Ranked worldwide. This University is established on 18 November 1966. So, you can assume the popularity of Chittagong University in Bangladesh.

Chittagong University Admission Circular 2021-2022

Chittagong University is going through a tuff Admission test process Like the other year. Admission Test process for those students who want to admit the most prestigious university called Chittagong University. There are 10 faculty and 54 departments open for the CU Honours 1st Year Admission test. All Departments are dived into four Units. Every year up to 1.5 lakh students attend the exam against 4926 seats.

Chittagong University Admission Circular PDF

Chittagong University Admission Circular 1
Chittagong University Admission Circular

Important Notice

Chittagong University Admission Circular 2
Chittagong University Admission Circular

Minimum Requirement Of Chittagong University 

Every University has there own admission process system and the system of Chittagong University Applicants needs to meet the minimum resentment. Unit-wise minimum requirements can start small deference. According to CU Admission Circular, 2020-21 Qualification for Admission Test, Applicants must be passed on the HSC/Equivalent Exam in the 2019 academic year. the difference in minimum requirements we will look after below.

Unit Name Group Minimum GPA (SSC & HSC) Total GPA (with 4th Subject)
A Unit Science 4.00 8.00
B & B1 Unit Science 3.50 8.00
Arts 3.00 7.50
Commerce 3.50 8.00
C Unit Commence 3.50 8.00
D Unit All group 3.50 7.50
D1 Unit All group 2.50 6.00

Other Requirements 

  • Applicants need must be Bangladeshi by Birth.
  • Applicants need to pass the SSC/Equivalent Exam in the 2019/2020 academic year and the Minimum CGPA requirements in the SSC/Equivalent Exam are 4.00 out of 5.00
  • Applicants need to pass the HSC/Equivalent Exam in the 2020 academic year and the Minimum CGPA requirements in the HSC/Equivalent Exam are 4.00 out of 5.00
  • Subjects-wise GPA requirements for filling up the Chittagong University Admission Test Form:
Subjects GPA
Chemistry 5.00
Mathematics 5.00
Physics 5.00
English 5.00


  • Interest Applicants must pass the GCE “O” Level with a ‘B’ grade in 5 papers and a GCE “A” Level with an ‘A’ grade in all subjects & ‘B’ grade in other subjects.
  • Applicants only who passed the “A” Level in 2018-19 can apply.
  • The total GPA needed in HSC is 20 in Physics mathematics English and Chemistry.
  • After all, those Requirements fill up top Individual authority of Engineering University will be published on the Eligibility list for those who are eligible for the admission test.


Application Process

You can Application in for the Admission Test at CU by yourself. All of the information will be given here on how to Application to Chittagong University. First Go to the official Website of Chittagong University Admission desks at

Application Link


  • Now Click on login/ Apply Botton. For login, you need to fill up this form with your SSC and HSC Information. *Roll, Passing Year & Board Name. (Image-1)
  • After Clicking the Submit Button You will find there what Unit Admission Test exam you are eligible for according to your previous SSC, HSC Group and Result. If you can not meet the minimum requirements from fill up you can find that also. 
  • Now give Your Photo, Personal Mobile Number, and Others Information. (Photo needs to be scanned early)  and click Confirm. To Confirm Your Application You Have to Send an SMS to the 16321 Number.
  • After Sending an SMS, Candidates Will Get a confirmed SMS Mention 7 Digit Confirmation Code. Then, give The Code and Click Confirm.
  • Now you will find an instruction for paying the slip. after that, you can download the Admit Card. 
Chittagong University Admission Circular
Chittagong University Admission Circular

Application Payment

There are few many option for payment of Chittagong University Application Payment. Applicant can pay with Bikash, Rocket or Bank draft. Bank draft process we all know we will talk about the Bikash and Rocket.

  • From Bikash:
    • Go to Bikash App
    • Select Pay Bill 
    • Select University of Chittagong from Education Section
    • Write the amount 650 taka 
    • You can get here a confarmation and Tranjection ID
Chittagong University Admission Circular
Chittagong University Admission Circular Payment
Chittagong University Admission Circular
Chittagong University Admission Circular
  • From Rocket
    • Call *322#
    • Select Bill Pay
    • Select Self if you pay your own payment, and Select Other if You pay for any other applicant. 
    • Biller ID is 2200
    • Bill id as your Bill id
    • Write the amount 650 taka
    • give password and confirm

Chittagong University Admission Test Date

According to the official Chittagong University Admission test will start on 17th August 2022. This year the Admission test will be tougher than any year. Around 30 students are competing with each other for one seat at Chittagong University. So you can imagine the competition there. If you really want to admit this prestigious university then don’t waste your time and work hard as you can. 


Unit Name Admission Date  Faculty 
A Unit 17th and 18th August 2022 All Science &  Biology Departments/Institutes
B Unit 21st and 22nd August 2022 Faculty of Arts and Humanities
B1 Unit 25th August 2022  (9.45 AM)
C Unit 18 August 2022 Faculty of Business Studies
D Unit 22 & 23 August 2022 All Departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences
D1 Unit 24 August 2022  (1.45 PM)


Admit Card Download

Admission Test Admit Card has not been published yet. However, as soon as it is published, you can download your admit card from our website.

Admit Card Download



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